Help for Mechanics

  • Easy just click HERE and spend a few minutes entering in your garage details.
  • It is completely free to sign up and start receiving leads and job postings, you do need to pay to be a full member, details of this are on the sign up page.
  • Membership lasts for 12 months at a time, once the 12 months is up you will get warning and the chance to renew your membership.
  • You will receive job posting directly by Email and SMS as soon as they are posted to the site.
  • You will be taken through the step by step quote builder, here you will be able to add extra’s like courtesy cars, collection and delivery of vehicle etc. This can make your quote look more attractive to the customer and win you more work.
  • Please email us at to cancel your account.
  • You can dispute any feedback relating to your garage by logging in to your account and viewing your feedback. Once feedback has been entered into a dispute it will be removed from the site until a resolution has been decided.
  • You will receive job posting from customers based within 20 miles of your garage. You will be able to see where the job posting is based before responding.