Help for Motorists

  • Easy just click HERE and see How does the site work?
  • Simply click on post a job and follow the steps, first entering your vehicle and personal details followed by an accurate description on the problem.
  • You will have the option to have responses via email and SMS if you wish, these will come via our website, the garages and mechanics will only get your personal information if you assign the job to them.
  • It is down to the garage to respond in a timely manner. You can also request how quickly you need the work completed.
  • Posting jobs to the site is COMPLETELY FREE, you will only pay for completed work to your vehicle. You pay the garages direct. The beauty of our website compared to others is we take NO COMMISION from the motorist which drives down the cost to you the customer.
  • You will then be asked to bring in your vehicle at an agreed date. Once you have had the work completed by the garage you will then pay them directly (we don't take commissions).
  • You can view, amend and cancel jobs by logging in with your email address and password used to sign up. If you have already assigned your job to a garage/mechanic you will have to contact them directly to cancel the job.
  • Every time you receive a response to a job posting you will have the option to assign the job. This will pass on your contact details to the garage/mechanic for booking in.
  • Absolutely not, we charge the same amount to all garages to be part of our network and monitor all customer feedback to make sure all of our garages/mechanics give the best possible service at all times.